MLM: Multi Level Marketing AND Making Life Magical

MLM | Making Life Magical

Why did you join your MLM company?

What did you think it would change for you?

Your income… your lifestyle?

Multi Level Marketing is so much more than a business choice. It can enhance your life in unexpected ways.

I remember the first MLM company I joined… well, I guess it was the 2nd. The first company, I never got past the scared point so nothing ever became of it. But the second company, I was so thrilled about it, and the possibilities it opened up for me and my family, friends, and anyone I told, that we took off like a rocket in the company.

I don’t remember exact stats cuz it was a loooong time ago, but I’d say within a few months we were clearing $1500+ per week. We had the whole town involved because the bank tellers saw our checks deposited. They saw proof of our results.

It was a magical time. One of my friends was finally able to become the stay at home mom she’d always dreamed of.

A neighbor down the street got in our business because her husband of twenty years abruptly left her, and she not only needed the income but also the moral support our team gave her.

I formed friendships with two women who are still tight today. They live in another state and yet we still get together at least once a year. One of those women is now eighty four years old and she’s been like a second mom to me. The other, is the type of friend I can call day or night and she’d drop everything to help me.

My point is this: MLM does not just mean Multi Level Marketing… I believe it also means Making Life Magical.

Sure, there’s the rejection, the lack of time, the doubt. That’s just the price of being an entrepreneur. Everyone has those issues. Everyone. But it can also be a time of growth and friendships and magic.

Get the mindset that growing your business is a time to make life magical.

Want to Make Your Life Magical?

I’ve been thinking about this fun MLM acronym all week, so I not only wanted to share my thoughts with you but also create two swag products. These are unique gifts for new recruits, contests, rank advancement, party hostess. Or maybe you’d like a gift for yourself.

MLM: Making Life Magical for direct sales women at iHeartDiamond.com

MLM: Making Life Magical for direct sales women at iHeartDiamond.com

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